Water Treatment Plants
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Demineralisation plant at NTPC, Unchar
- Demineralisation is the process by which total dissolved solids (TDS) present in water are removed effectively.
- A properly packaged unit incorporates the principles of ion exchange, degasification and polishing, to produce mineral free water.
- Thermax incorporates good design procedures for optimum results from demineralisation.
- With mixed bed (MB) ion exchanger, high purity water can be produced for high-pressure boiler applications.
- Proprietary Ion exchange resins used in our demineralisation plants comply with stringent quality norms.
- Demineralised water finds wide application in the fields of steam, power, process and cooling.
- We have a several successful installations in major power plants, steel mills, refineries, petrochemical complexes, etc.
- For maximum advantage it is necessary that the demineralisation plant is configured accurately.
- This is ensured by our customised software available with our sales force. -It considers inlet water quality parameters and capacity requirements
   to offer optimal and cost-effective solutions.
Technical Specifications
Model    Capacity (cu.m/hr)    Unique Features
DFX        0.1 - 14                     FRP/ GRP range available up to 42 diameter
EZDU      3.5 - 14                     DM range in MSRL construction with single valve operation
TDU        0.3 - 50                     Rugged packed bed DM in up-flow operation
TDD        3.5 - 70                     DM range with flexibility in resin volumes

- Degasser towers, storage tanks and mixed bed units are available for the above range. Semi-automatic versions for the above range are also
- Variety of cost effective standard models
- Advanced selection software for optimal configuration
- Improved aesthetics and rugged design
- User-friendly, low maintenance and easy to install
- Versatility in applications
- Simpler distribution and collection systems
- Pre despatch assembly check
- Quick availability
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