Multi Column Distillation Plant [30]

Multi Column Distillation plant produces Pyrogen free sterile water for injection (W. F. I.) which meets the highest specifications / requirements of Indian, British & United States Pharmacopoeia. Multi Column Distillation plant has Quality acceptance includes complying to physical, chemical, microbiological and progeny limits. The Water for Injection (WFI) produced by these plants is quite economical due to low maintenance and low operational cost. Multi Column Distillation plant consists of specially designed columns which make optimum use of the principles of inter-stage heat exchange to produce pure Pyrogen free sterile distilled water for Injectables as per IP/BP specification. All contact parts of the multi column distillation plant are made out of AISI 316 quality stainless steel and mirror polished. All pipes and tubes are essentially seamless and do not have any dead ends or stagnant areas.

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