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Tablet Dies & Punches are of different shapes and sizes like – Snap Tab Tablet Punches / Multitip Tablet Punches / Animal Shape Tablet Punches / Master Hobs of Tablet / Prepicked & Teflon Tablet Punches. Snap Tab Tablet Dies & Punches are made from pharmaceutical grade steel and are precision finished for accurate punching. The Punches can be easily attached to any Tableting machine for medium and high-speed tablet production. Multitip Tablet Dies & Punches are used for compressing more than one tablet at each station and are available in a variety of simple and complex designs that ensures complete repeatability and accuracy. Animal Shape Tablet Dies & Punches are made from high chrome shock steel. These punches are widely used in confectioneries and ceramic industries. The Animal Shape Tablet Punches provide high reliability and flawless performance. Master Hobs for punching tablets are made with utmost precision in different shapes, sizes and specifications such as selection of cutter angles for break lines, monograms, depth of cup and more. Prepicked Tablet Dies & Punches are developed in variety of specifications with a fine non-stick Teflon coating. The Teflon coating makes them easy to use and maintain smooth operation.

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