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Tablet Coating / Polishing Machine is designed to give quality coating of Tablets. Coating pan / Polishing Pan is made of SS 304 / SS 316 as per cGMP norms and designed to give quality coating of Tablets with detachable baffles provided in coating pan to facilitate the tablet mixing during the coating operation which helps in achieving uniform tablet finish. A separate hot air blower unit of adequate heating element is provided with temperature controller. Tablet Coating / Polishing Machines are available in Capacities of Coating Pan Size viz. 30”ψ, 36”ψ, 42”ψ, 48”ψ, 60”ψ.

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  • Saimach - Coating Pan
    Saimach PharmaTech Pvt Ltd
    Salient Features- In compliance with cGMP guidelines.- Also available with Standard Painted Model & for small scale laboratory purpose.- Conventional Coating Pan with very sturdy M.S structure mad ... more Visits: 854

  • Coating Pan

    Salient Features:- Available in  different  sizes from 300 to 1800  mm  dia  Stainless  steel pan  fabricated from S.S. 304/316  quality  material&nbs ... more Visits: 389

  • Coating Pan
    Mark Maker Pharma Engineering
    Salient FeaturesCoating Pan- Lab Model Inter changeable sizes  12, 10, 8, 6 inches diameter stainless steel pans- 12, 24, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72 inches diameter stainless steel pans- Product contact ... more Visits: 465

  • Coating Machine
    Silent Features of Coating Machine- Pan angle is adjustable- 30", 36", 42" and 48" have Varriable Speed Drive & Inbuilt Hot Air Blowing System- 60" & 72" Coating Machine have two speedsarrange ... more Visits: 304

  • Coating systems
    Gansons Group
    Salient Features Gansons is the World's leading producer of new batch coating systems.   - At Gansons, we understand coating and its critical importance in the solid dosage manufacturin ... more Visits: 550

  • Tablet Coating Pan
    Winpro (Pharma Process Technologies Pvt Ltd)
    Salient Features - Our range of tablet coating pans is extensively used for sugar and film coating of tablets, pallets and granules. - The unit comprises of ellipsoidal shaped pan fabricated usin ... more Visits: 590

  • Anvay Pharma Systems - Coating Pan
    Anvay Pharma Systems Pvt. Ltd
    Salient Features - Capacity: 12 inches to 60 inches- Machine equipped with hot blower for feeding hot air at a temperature range of 400C to 800C.- Thermostat provided for easy selection of requir ... more Visits: 480

  • Tablet Coating Machinery & Systems
    Nicomac Clean Rooms Fareast Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features - Nicomac is the answer to your tablet coating project needs.- Our drum coating, using the unique Blow Master is able to perform at high quality.- Nicomac is a worldwide leader i ... more Visits: 580

  • Coating Equipment for the Confectionery Industry
    Nicomac Clean Rooms Fareast Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features - Nicomac is the answer to your sugar coating project needs.- Nicomac is a candy manufacturing equipment and machinery supplier with automatic hard or soft sugar coating spraying ... more Visits: 657

  • Pharmaceutical Coating Equipment and Pelletizers
    Nicomac Clean Rooms Fareast Pvt. Ltd.
     Salient Features - Nicomac is the answer to your tablet coating project needs.- Our drum coating, using the unique Blow Master is able to perform a high quality coating. - Nicomac is a worl ... more Visits: 608

  • Coating / Polishing
    Jayshree Tablet Science
    Salient Features             - Fitted with variable speed pulley - Offered with four different size coating pan - Controlled hot air blower ... more Visits: 730

  • Coating / Polishing
    Techx Process Automation
    Salient Features    - Design as per stringent cGMP requirements- Electrical or Steam heating- Option of fully automated PLC control- Complete stainless steel construction- Air handling ... more Visits: 560

  • Coating / Polishing
    Allegro Pharmachem Equipments
    Salient Features Technical Specifications          - Loading Capacity in Kg. : 300 - Motor H.P  : 5.0 - Blower H.P : 1.0 - Blower Capacity C ... more Visits: 715

  • Coating / Polishing
    Aayush Techno Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features      - Pan angle is adjustable- 30", 36", 42" and 48" have Varriable Speed Drive & Inbuilt Hot Air Blowing System- 60" & 72" Coating Machine have two ... more Visits: 533

  • Coating / Polishing
    Erweka India Pvt Ltd.
    Salient Features   - The coating pan is used to produce uniform coating on tablets. - This can be used with the universal Gearing and as a result different tilting angle can be set up to 45 ... more Visits: 673

  • Coating / Polishing
    Erweka India Pvt Ltd.
    Salient Features       - The polishing drum consists of felt lined inside of a metal drum for polishing coated tablets.- The bottom of the drum is also lined with felt.- ... more Visits: 693

  • Wurster Process
    Umang Pharmatech Pvt Ltd.
    Salient Features - Wurster process is the new fluid bed coating range that builds on the proven Umang technology and its benefits. - Similar design of bottom distribution plate, Nozzle and Wurste ... more Visits: 872

  • Coating Pan
    Septu india
    Salient Features - Fabricated to technical shape from S.S.304 quality. - All welded ground smooth having elegant finish. - Available in 36’, 42” size, with polishing pan.  ... more Visits: 553

  • Coating Pan
    Sonal Engineering Works
    Salient Features - Pan fabricated from 3 mm thick, SS Sheet of SS 304 / SS 316 quality with adequate mouth opening and depth. - Temperature controller provided for temp. controlling. - Anti vibrating ... more Visits: 455

  • Coating Pan
    Vats & Vessels
    Salient Features - Coating Pan is suitable for Tablet Coating.- Coating process is complex and requires careful monitoring and control to ensure satisfactory results. - The film coating process a ... more Visits: 414

  • Coating
    Neomachine Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd
    Salient Features - Bearing and Oil Seal for Gear Box- Nozzles for Spray Guns(a set consists of Material Nozzle, Air Nozzle & Needle Valve)- Thermocouple for Inlet and Outlet Temperature- Bed ... more Visits: 601

  • Cemach - Coating Machine
    Salient Features - The Coating Pan can be mounted on Motor Drive unit via Universal Gear (UG), which permits Coating pan to be held at any angle up to 45° with   reduction in speed. - F ... more Visits: 866

  • Coting Pan
    Bhuvan Engineering
    Salient Features - Size:30”, 36”, & 42” - Hotair blower - Mirror finish S.S. Pan. ... more Visits: 564

  • Samarika - Coating Pan
    Samarika Air System
    Salient Features - Coating pan is engineered to the perfection from SS 304 ( SS 361 optional )- Totally enclosed machine drive and hot aor blowing system - 30" , 36" , 42" or 48" Coating mac ... more Visits: 1294

  • Coating/Polishing
    S. B. Panchal & Company
    Salient Features- Uniform coating Thickness- Uniform Spray Rate for all nozzles- Uniform Drying- Uniform Mixing of Tablet Bed- Shortened Process Time ... more Visits: 617

  • Coating / Polishing
    Gaylord Pharma Systems
    Salient Features        - Needs no foundation, can be installed on properly pre-levelled filter. - Compact hot air blower with in let air damping arrangement through ... more Visits: 530

  • Coating / Polishing
    Dynamic Exim Corporation
    Salient Features         - The coating machine has study structure of square SS square pipes. Base plate is of MS having SS cladding. It is very much easy for c ... more Visits: 549

  • Coating / Polishing
    Shanta Flaker & Dryer Co. Pvt. Ltd
    Salient Features    - Availble in different sizes from 300 to 1800 mm dia Stainless- Steel pan fabricated from S.S. 304/316 quality material with moun ... more Visits: 527

  • Coating / Polishing
    J. K. Industries
    Salient Features              - Pan fabricated from 3 mm thick, SS Sheet of SS 304 / SS 316 quality with adequate mouth opening an ... more Visits: 485

  • Coating / Polishing
    Rachana Overseas, Inc.
    Salient Features             - Available in different shape and sizes- Available with interlocked electrical circuit- Low maintenance- Easy ... more Visits: 456

  • Coating / Polishing
    Hind Co Brothers
    Salient Features - We provide a large assortment of high efficiency Coating Pan that is available in various sizes and dimensions to meet the requirements of the clients. - Manufactured from the ... more Visits: 497

  • Coating / Polishing
    Jog Pharma Machinery
    Salient Features      - 12, 24, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72 inches diameter stainless steel pans.- Product contact parts are in stainless steel 304 / 316.- The gear box, motor, and hot ... more Visits: 545

  • Coating Pan
    Coating pan ... more Visits: 511

  • Coating Pan
    S K Pharma Machinery Private Limited
    Salient Features- Available in 12", 18", 30", 42", 48", 60" & 75 size S.S. Pan Totally enclosed with MS cladding with standard Gear Box, Motor, Hot Air Blowing    arrangement. - Designed ... more Visits: 516

  • Coating Pan Machine
    Salinet Features- We are proud to present with you extraordinary Coating Pan Machine, and other pharmaceutical machineries.- Our Coating Pan Machine and pharmaceutical machinery are available in multi ... more Visits: 495

  • Coating Pan
    Vilas Engineering Works
    Salietn Features  - In the process of coating tablets and confectionaries, the personal skill of the coater needs to be supplemented by a correctly designed,   versatile coating pa ... more Visits: 452

  • Neelam - Coating Pan
    Neelam Industries
    Salient Features Technical Specification - Size : 30"- Heater Capacity in : K.W. 1.5- Blower H.P. : 0.5- Blower Capacity CFM : 90- Pan Mounting Angle : 30°- Motor HP : 1.5- Loading Capacity ... more Visits: 1048

  • Coating Pan
    Ravi Kiran Industries
    Salient Features- Pear shaped design facilitates in complete coating of the product.- Optionally provided with baffles inside the pan for reversing of the tablets.- Faster drying due to hot air blower ... more Visits: 702

  • Umang - Tablet Coating System
    Umang Pharmatech Pvt Ltd.
    - Tablet Coating system is designed with the latest machine concepts to have simple construction but superior efficiency . It realizes the coating economy    of various user friendly control ... more Visits: 551

  • Hardik Engineering - Coating Machine
    Hardik Engineering Works
    Salient Features - The machine is consists of robust S.S. square pipes and base plate of MS with S.S. cladding - Coating pan is made of S.S. 304 and S.S. 316 as Optional feature - Electric motor ... more Visits: 602

  • Solid Pan Coating System
    Bectochem Conslt & Engr. Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features- Bectochem has a wide range of solid pan coaters available for the confectionary and food industries. The Bectochem tablet coater applies a sugar    coating or coloured coat ... more Visits: 728

  • Coating Pan
    Shanta Flaker & Dryer Co. Pvt. Ltd
    Salient Features- Availble in different sizes from 300 to 1800 mm dia Stainless steel pan fabricated from S.S. 304/316 quality material with  ... more Visits: 537

  • Coating Pan
    Sunny Engineers
    Salient Features    - MFG. Size Capacity 12", 24", 36", 48", 60", 72" Std And GMP.- Model used in Pharmaceuticals ith hot Blower And hot Air exhaust System. ... more Visits: 618

  • Coating Pan / Coating Machine
    Leela Pharma Machineries
    Salient Features Technical Specification    - The model is available with S. S. 304 / 316 / 316L Semi ellipsoidal size pan with a circular mouth for charging & discharging of t ... more Visits: 663

  • Coating Pan
    Bombay Pharma Equipment
    Salient Features- Suitable for coating of tablets & confectoneries (sugar/film coat)- Models available from 12" to 72"- Suitable exhaust blower available heaters & blower motor is electrically ... more Visits: 663

  • Table Top Particle Coater and Granulator
    Anish Pharma Equip Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features     - CGMP model.- Heating media- Steam/ hot water/ electricity.- Face & bypass air handling.- Accurate air volume monitoring.- Precise temperature controls.- ... more Visits: 834

  • Create Industries - Coating Machine
    Create Industries
    Salient Features - Coating machine is available with 36”, 42”, 48”, 60” or 72” size SS pan. Coating machine is totally enclosed with MS cladding with standard Gear    Box, Motor, Hot Ai ... more Visits: 650

  • Coating Pan
    S. F. Engineering Works
    Salient Features     - Coating machine is available with 30", 36", 42", 48", 60" or 72" size SS pan. Coating machine is totally enclosed with MS Cladding with    Standard ... more Visits: 507

  • Coating Pan
    Multi Engineering Services
    Salient Features           - Our Coating Pan is suitable for Tablet Coating. Coating process is complex and requires careful monitoring and control to ... more Visits: 470

  • Strip Packing Machine
    Blenzor (India)
    Salient Features                   - Strip Packing Machine is also known as strip pack machine is widely used for pharmaceutical packaging.- Strip packing machine is applicable for tablets,capsules.- ... more Visits: 527

  • Coating Pan
    Pharmaceutical Machinery Mfg Works
    Salinet Features                   - Tablet coating pan is used for sugar and film coating of tablets, pa ... more Visits: 521

  • Coating Pan
    Mec-Well Pharma Engineers
    Salient Features   - Mec-Well Coating Pan is Available with 12" , 24" , 30" , 36" , 42" , 48" , or 72" size SS pan. - Coating pan is totally enclosed with SS Clading with standard Gear Box, ... more Visits: 576

  • Coating Pan
    Sehgal Industrial Works
    Salient Features      - For Coating of Tablets & Confectionaries. - Unit with Hot Air Blower Driven by Separate Motor. - Pans with fixed/removable baffles for film coating ... more Visits: 532

  • Coating Pan
    Millennium Industries
    Salient Features - Is well designed for tablet and pellet coating. The rotational speed, angle of inclination of pan, volume and temperature has been considered.   The shape of the bowl is s ... more Visits: 446

  • Coating Pan
    Dhiman Udyog
    - DHIMAN UDYOG's Sugar Coating Pan revolves by Motorised Oil Bath Gear Box with hot air (adjustable) Blower. - The Pan is made by 304 quality Stainless Steel. Available in Pan's Diameter as 18",24",30 ... more Visits: 591

  • Coating Pan
    Salient Features       - P-T3 : Made of Stainless steel dia 12". - Machine fitted with oil-immersed gear box driven by a suitable motor. - An independently working hot ai ... more Visits: 553

    Medi Pharma Sales & Service
    Salient Features - Design as per stringent CGMP requirement. - Available in SS304 / 316 quality - Conventional coating system for film coating of table - Available in 24" , 36" , 42" , 60" , & ... more Visits: 435

  • Coating Pan
    Mevish Engineering Works
    Salient Features - We manufacture a wide range of coating pan that is used for coating tablets.- Coating is done under strict monitoring as it is a difficult process.- It is done by distributing ... more Visits: 506

  • Tablet Coating Pan
    Kshitij Innovations
    Salient Features - 12" Dia, Stainless Steel : The machine is worked by oil immersed gearbox with 1/4 H.P. motor driven, or by heavy duty DC geared motor. - Air blower is operated independently an ... more Visits: 472

  • Coating / Polishing
    Wintech Pharmachem Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features   - The complete drive unit is enclosed in a sturdy cabinet- Hot air blower with flexible SS Pipe heaters are provided with thermostat control for fast drying- Heaters are i ... more Visits: 672

  • Electrocoat painting
    Nishotech Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    Salient Features - Tubular electrodialysis cells.- Available in 0.15 m2 / linear m and 0.19m2 / linear m configurations.- Available for both vertical & bottom / floor installation.- Available ... more Visits: 478

  • Polishing Drum – SPD
    Shakti Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd.
    The polishing drum consists of felt linedinside of a metal drum suitable for polishing coated tablets. The bottom of the drum is also lined with felt. The polishing drum fits with theUniversal Gearing ... more Visits: 40

  • Coating Pan
    Shakti Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd.
    The Coating pan is used to produce uniformcoating on tablets with the help of Baffles inside of pan .This can bemounting on the universal Gearing and as a result different tiltingangle can be set up t ... more Visits: 311

  • Conventional Coating Pan
    Prism Pharma Machinery
    Our offered Conventional Coating Pan is ideal for film and sugarcoating. The machine is available with 12”, 14”,16”, 18” and 20” size of stainless steel coating pan. The machine is designed with fabri ... more Visits: 278

  • Coating Pan

    Salient Feature    - The unit is fabricated from 304 quality S.S. & fitted on a drive arrangement having a suitable oil filled worm gear box and motor    - The unit i ... more Visits: 276

  • Technic Pharma Equipments - Coating Pan
    Technic Pharma Equipments
    Product Description :  Holding a client oriented approach, we manufacture and supply a wide range of Coating Pan. Best known for its operational fluency, this pan is used for sugar and film ... more Visits: 3

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