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Product Posted:Wednesday, September 03, 2014
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Salient Features
- Welcome to the world of innovative and integrated blister packing solutions. Cartoblis, a cost effective blister packaging machine, designed for online
   cartoning in varying layouts. Brought to you by Pam-Pac, a joint venture with IWK Verpackungstechnik Packaging, Germany. This high tech blister
   packing system is equipped with unique features, enabling integration with various types of line cartoners.
- Cartoblis, a vacuum based rotary thermoforming machine, comes with a unique single drum technology which saves on foil and delivers compact
   blisters. The fast blister pick up system provides continuous feed to any online cartoner, making blistering-cartoning operation fully automated and
- Cartoblis offers a package of outstanding features, advanced automation and high flexibility, all at an affordable cost.
- Flat blisters due to large drum diameter.
- Compact blister size, which save up to 10% in foil consumption.
- Quick & easy change-over of less than 25 minutes.
- Edge-to-Edge punch out of packs - economy on foil consumption.
- Convenient link up to cartoning machine.
- Advanced features like non fill detection, auto collation and counting and provisions for inexpensive black & white camera.
- Deep draw cavities upto 30mm possible on Cartoblis variants.
- Universal embossing station.
- Independent Embossing, Perforation & Punching Stations.

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