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Product Posted:Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Product Listing Expires:Wednesday, May 13, 2015
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 Contact Person:Mr. Mahesh Mewada
 Company Name:Brothers Pharma
 Address:Plot No.2, Phase II, GIDC
 Pin Code:382445
 Technical Specifications:
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 Model:AHPF - 120
 Material Of Construction (For Unit):As per GMP Norms
 Material Of Construction(Contact Parts):AISI 316
 No. of Heads:One
 Fill Capacity (Range):50 mg - 1.5 gms
 Vial Diameter:16 mm to 50 mm
 Vial Height:75 mm maximum
 Electricals:415VAC 3Phase and 220 VAC Single Phase
 Flame Proof Electricals:Available On Demand
 PLC Controls:Available On Demand
 Customization:Available On Demand
 Dimensions Length (mm):2800
 Dimensions Width (mm):840
 Dimensions Height (mm):1675
 Product Description:

Salient Features
- The Automatic Injectable Powder Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine Model AHPF-120, is suitable for Round Vials with maximum speed of 120 Vials per minute. Specially Machine
  construction in fully Stainless Steel finish including machine frame structure.
- Machine with built-in Turn Tables at In-feed and Out-feed with individual drives to match the speed of incoming and outgoing vials for smoother operation.
- All parts coming in contact with Powders are made from Ss316 Materials.
- The Machine is equipped with Single Head Single Track Eight Port Powder wheel, which works on Vacuum and Air Systems to Fill powder in Vials, with on-line Vibrator type Rubber Stoppering
   system, The stopper inserting system operates in a contineous mode with synchronized speed of machine.
- Machines also comes in various options like Single Track Double Powder Wheel, Double Track Double Powder Wheel, Single Track Single Powder Wheel and Double Track Single Powder Wheel
- System to match the customers customised requirements.
- No Vial - No Fill System
- All contact parts made of SS316 material with easy removal system for AutoClaving/Sterilization
- Machine contstruction in SS304 material
- Separate Variable Speed Drive for Powder Hopper
- No Crossover Contamination during Charging of Powder due to new Design of Powder Hopper
- Hopper can be completely dismental for easy cleaning
- Minimum residue of Powder in Hopper at the end of batch resulting in less wastage of powder
- Tool Less adjustment of Doctor Blade and Wiper Blade saves valuable time and easy for setting
- Tool Less change over for Powder Hopper and Well Agitator
- Filling Accuracy of +/- 1% depending on powder at controlled humidity below 30% Rh
- Built in Rubber Stoppering System
- Multiple dosing system with the help of change parts
- Built in Turn Tables with Separate Drive for speed control of infeed and outfeed of vials
- Various safety features including Clutch system for Vial Breackage
- Machine Bottom with all over minimum clearance of 6€ Height
- Moving conveyor above the top plate maintaining proper gap for meeting current application needs.
- Automatic Infeed and Exit of Vials
- Powder Hopper for charging with better position and design without crossing the line.
- No Stopper - Machine Stop System
- Low Air - Machine Stop System
- Low Vacuum - Machine Stop System
- Heavy Duty Mounting system for Powder Wheel for Trouble Free long term opreation

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