Nauta mixer

Product Posted:Saturday, March 28, 2015
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Salient Features
- For Mixing, agglomeration, dispersing, drying, extraction, granulation, homogenizing, reaction of pharmaceuticals / cosmetics / food / fine chemicals / toiletries, poultry feeds.
Nauta mixer design features

- Excellent Mixing efficiency
- The Nauta mixer has excellent mixing efficiency of 1 part in 10,000 or 0.01%.
- Minimum mixing time
- The Nautamix achieves thorough homogenous mix in one third to half the time required by most conventional mixers.
- Energy efficient
- Power requirements are less than other types of mixers.
- Gentle mixing action
- Fragile filaments and flakes are safe from breakage and mixing is accomplished with minimal heat build up aeration in the product.
Product and process advantages
- Fast drying of slurries, pastes, and solids to free flowing powders.
- Secure environmental protection through complete closed systems.
- Low energy consumption.
- Can be combined with inert gas or air percolation drying.
- Easy solvent recovery.
- No damage to heat sensitive products.
- Combining operations such as mixing, drying, granulation etc. reduce cycle time endless labour hours.
- Fast and complete discharge.
- Capacities from 50 to 30,000 liters.
- Chemical reactions.
- Backed up by specific knowledge of skilled processing engineers and extensive testing facilities.
- Totally enclosed so no contamination of the atmosphere or the product.
- Drying under vacuum for heat sensitive products, pasty products and concurrently homogenizing the product.

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