Single Side Rotary Machine

Product Posted:Saturday, April 11, 2015
Product Listing Expires:Saturday, March 11, 2017
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 Posted by:niro/gea
 Contact Person:Mr. Jayesh Prajapati
 Company Name:Niro Pharma Systems / GEA Pharma
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 Model:R53 Single Sided Rotary Press
 Material Of Construction (For Unit):As per GMP Norms
 Flame Proof Electricals:Available On Demand
 PLC Controls:Available On Demand
 Customization:Available On Demand
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Salient Features
- The R53 is an all round 130 kN press with up to 55 mm fill.
- The R53 is exceptionally versatile. It is equally suited for the production of ferrite cores (electronics) and the
manufacture of metal contacts
  (electrical components). It is also perfectly fit for the production of batteries, nuclear fuel pellets, cutting tools, stock cubes and candy.
- A wide variety of machine options are available to meet the most diverse requirements.
Optional Features
- Adjustable top punch penetration
- Single or multiple paddle force feeder or Vibra-fluid feeder
- Adjustable or fixed-height core rods for vertical holes
- Tablet hold-up/hold-down during ejection
- Tablet take-off and transfer
- Basic PLC-based control system (OC3) or advanced PLC-based control system (ITS).

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