Chitra - Oscillating Granulator

Product Posted:Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Product Listing Expires:Thursday, January 28, 2016
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 Posted by:chitra
 Contact Person:Mr. G A Patel
 Company Name:Chitra Machineries Pvt Ltd
 Address:Plot-202&226,Road No.03,G.I.D.C.
 Pin Code:382430
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 Model:CEOG - 400
 Material Of Construction (For Unit):As per GMP Norms
 Material Of Construction(Contact Parts):AISI 316
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Salient Features
- This machine gives high output with less percentage of fines and has the salient features like Robust Simple and Compact design, Easy installation in production line, Uniform granules, Maintenance free and can be attached with Vacuum loading and discharge arrangement or Gravity flow system.
- The granulating chamber and internal parts are totally washable from inside.
- The inner surfaces are mirror polished to prevent adherence of the product and facilitate cleaning.
- Sliding rails and fast fixing devices allow easy mounting and dismantling of the accessories.
- Compared to other conventional models available, this machine is the best in terms of high output, minimum fines, low noise level while working, closed and compact to prevent powder leaking out, dust free operation, oscillates at low speed thus preventing excess heat generation and is designed for easy introduction in production line and continuous non-stop operation.
- This machine can be used for Dry and Wet granulation and have a wide field of application.
- The oscillating motion of rotor gives uniform granules with less fines. Granule size varies as per the perforation of sieves.
- The simple design of Rotor and Sieve mounting facilitates easy cleaning and quick change over.
- Externally fitted bearing housings prevent the product coming into contact with bearing lubricants and hence the granules will be completely free of black particles.

Special Features

- Suitable for dry & wet granulation.
- Easy for loading and unloading.
- Easy for cleaning.
- All contact parts are made out of SS304 quality material. (SS316 will be provided on demand)
- Robust, Simple & compact design requires minimum maintenance.
- Easy installation in production line.
- Oscillating rotor motion.
- Higher output.
- Uniform granules, less fines.
- Maintenance free.

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