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Vibro Sifter
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   Product Description

- A portable versatile screening machine useful for screening a wide range of solids or liquids used in the chemical, pharmaceuticals, food,
   paint & mineral industries. The machine is driven by a vibratory motor with unbalanced weights. The frequency of vibrations are controllable
   to vary the output. All parts are easily removable and replaceable for maintenance. The machine is provided with wheels & towing handle for mobility.
Salient Features
- Circular, floor mounted.
- Modular design allows quick and easy change over of decks.
- Optional dust cover to prevent dusting of surrounding.
- Range : 24" Diameter to 72" diameter.
- Multideck construction (Maximum upto seven decks).
- Decks made out of MS Powder coated / SS 304 / SS 316.
- Screen cloth : SS 304 / SS 316 / Nylon.
- Uniformly tensioned screens ensure maximum screening efficiency.
- Variable output by simple adjustment of unbalanced weights mounted on motor shaft.
- No transmission of vibrations to floor as deck assembly is mounted on base frame by rugged springs.
- Can be adapted to meet factory layout needs as no foundation is required.
- The material to be screened is fed into the top deck of the vibrating screen. The material passes through the screen wire mesh. Oversize
   particles remain on the top of the screen cloth. These particles move towards the periphery of the screen due to the vibrations imparted by
   unbalanced vibrating motor and flow out through the discharge spouts.
- The material which has passed through the screen cloth falls on the top of bottom deck. This material also moves towards periphery and flows
   out through the discharge spout. The material movement towards periphery can be controlled precisely by adjusting the angle between the top
   eccentric weight and bottom eccentric weight as the adjustment of angle leads to different flow patterns.
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City: Mumbai
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