Vacum Packaging Machine
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Assembled in stainless steel (AISI 304), ensuring machine durability and ruggedness of machine during operations
- Vacuum cycle stop
- Electronic volumetric sensor for vacuum control & gas packing
- High-density polyethylene filling plates controlled air return to reduce chamber volume.
- These plates allow flexibility in packaging different shapes and sizes. For small packed products, the 3 plates can be stacked all together to achieve
   good quality of packing. The plates can be removed to accommodate a bigger pack size
- Digital control panel with 9 programs.
- This feature increases operator efficiency by reducing downtime during setting changes.
- This reduces maintenance because there are less switches to play around with and assures accuracy in parameters set
- Controlled air immission
- Bag waste film cut. This feature means no operator is required to cut the excess film from the pack after sealing, making operation much faster
- Transparent hood manufactured in plastic material for food
- Aluminium sealing bar with bayonet joint
- CE standard
- Oil level check
- Sealing Bar Length (mm): 450 (opt: 2 bars)
- Chamber Width (mm): 466
- Chamber Depth (mm): 456
- Chamber Height (mm): 218
- Vacuum Pump (cubic m/h): 20
- Machine Dimensions (mm): 545 x 600 x 510
- Power Supply (V): 220
- Max Power (kW): 1.65
- Gross Weight (kg): 97
Contact Person: vishnu puranik
City: philippines
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