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V Blender
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- V blender consists of two large diameter pipes cut to 80ºangle and welded together to form a V shaped body. Inlets are located on top of the body,
   outlet is at the bottom of V point where there is transition from an elliptical to cylindrical discharge port.
- In operation, material is loaded to a fill level of 50 to 60 % of the blender capacity. The unit tumbles end over end like the double cone blender, but the
   mixing action is different because of the body shape. As the body tumbles, the material continuously splits and recombines with the mixing occurring as
   the material free falls randomly inside the body. Mixing is achieved in 5 to 15 minutes with better homogeneity.
- The free falling action combined with increased frictional contact between the material and the body’s long straight sides result in slightly less gentle
   mixing, can create slight shear, producing some particle size reduction through attrition. The blender is suited to most powders and is widely used in the
   pharmaceutical industries.
- Provision for pin type intensifier bar is used for breaking soft, friable agglomerates, which are found in raw materials or formed during blending to
   ensure an intimate blend when minor additives are used.
   Saan Engineers Pvt Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr. Panil Kumar
City: Navi Mumbai
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