Two station, rotary, profile trim
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  MRTS-1418
   Product Description

Salient Features
At a glance
- Semi-automatic manual rotary food tray sealing machine
- Large format 14" x 18" sealing area accommodates a wide range of tray sizes and film widths.
- For applications that do not require modified atmospheres (MAP)
- Automatic film feed, seal & trim and scrap rewind
- Clear or random print film capability
- Heavy-duty industrial design floor model machine
- Custom machine sizes and features quoted on request.
Standard Features
- Programmable logic control (Omron)
- New intelligent system that allows changes or upgrades from a Starview provided memory card
- Main power/Heater OFF/ON switch
- Automatic film feeding
- Automatic scrap rewinding
- Operator safety platen guard
- Interchangeable aluminum sealing fixtures
- Quick change tooling feature
- Pneumatic system for film sealing and cutting
- Trims film to tray profile with appropriate tooling
- Air filter, regulator and gauge
- Casters
- Anodized aluminum/stainless steel construction for wash down
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Contact Person: AVPS Chakravarthi
City: Hyderabad
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