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   Product Description

Salient Features
- NEOCOTA can run any coating programme without manual intervention.
- NEOCOTA performs any coating programme without constant operator's assistance.
- The menu-driven system can be run either through the work station placed in the coating area or through supervisory station with suitable interface equipped with to-and-fro communication ability.
- Data collection can be alphanumerical or/and graphical to monitor ongoing operation and to detect fault, in case of mechanical failure.
- NEOCOTA offers a combination of design parameters essential for superior coating results.
The vital parameters are
- Mixing uniformly
- Gentleness of rolling action during pan rotation
- Uniformity of spray in terms of degree of atomization
- Uniformity of spray solution output per spray gun
- Uniformity of void percentage in the rolling product bed
- Uniformity of drying air flow through the product bed
- Velocity of drying air through the table bed and the contact.
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