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True Density Meters are an important parameter to be measured. It is defined as the mass to the volume occupied by that mass. These instrument is determines the true density of materials by measuring two pressure readings. Initially the gas is pressurized in a know reference volume. The True Density meters are used to calculated the true density / Specific gravity of any material by exactly determining true volume of the material. The main advantage of True Density Meters are, it can measure the true density of all types of materials where it cannot be measured by Archimedes principle. This reading is taken as first pressure reading. Then the pressurized gas is allowed to flow from reference volume into a sample cell containing the material. Then the material volume is calculated by standard formula utilizing these readings. The density is calculated by dividing the weight of the material by the material volume. Our these instruments are used in Metallurgical and Material Science Labs
Research and Development Labs and Process & Quality Control. Our respected customers can avail these instruments from us very economical price.
Main Features:
* Fully Indigenous
* Economical
* True Density Measurement Of All Types Of Materials
* Most Useful Where Measurement By Specific Gravity
* Bottle (Archimedes Principle)
* Method is Not Possible
* Non Destructive Testing
* Easy To Operate

Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : SIC-003
Contact Person: Mr. PRASHANT B. NAIK
City: Mumbai
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