Tray Dryers
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  PEPL 24
Tray Size (Inches):  16
Material Of Construction (Inside & Outside):   & AISI 304
Material Of Construction (Trays & Trolley):  AISI 316
Material Of Construction (For Unit):  As per GMP Norms
No of Doors:  One
Flame Proof Electricals:  Available On Demand
PLC Controls:  Available On Demand
Customization:  Available On Demand
   Product Description

Salient Features
- Tray Dryers are the most commonly used drying system after sun drying.
- The tray dryers are heated by means of electrical, steam and oil/gas fired burners.
- Promas™ dryers are specially designed to have better efficiency than any other dryers available from other tray dryer manufacturers.
- Promas™ dryers are now more accepted brand in the industry than any other brand in market.
- Our clientele base is in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Dyestuff, Textile, Food, Automobiles & many other industries.
- The dryer cabinet is designed in such a way that air inside the dryer has minimum resistance at all the corners of the dryer.
- All the sides of the dryer from inside are made with rounded corners with maximum angle so as to have more slippage to air, resulting into less pressure
   drop across the corners.
- The outer body is also fabricated with rounded edges without steps from outside to have smooth finish.
- The shafts of circulation fans, the inlets & outlets of the radiator coils are sealed by the food grade sealing pads which stops the leakage of the hot
   air from the drying cabinet.
- The leakage of the hot air from such small gaps around the fan shaft or the pipes of radiator coil results into the short circuit of the air circulation.
- Also they spoil the paint around the shaft and outside the dryer for the dryers in M. S. from outside.
- These leakages increase drying time of the product inside the trays of the dryer & some cases the air contamination of air inside the dryer.
- Thus this helps to save the energy of drying process.
- The inlet (suction) of the dryer is provided with 10 micron filter to avoid air contamination.
- The exhaust of the dryer is provided with either manual or motorized operated damper and can be operated precisely for various positions of the
   damper from the main control panel board.
- The main body of the drying oven is either angled frame with CRCA sheets welded or step less S.S. body with 3 mm thickness from outside as
   required in GMP models.
- Two coats of red oxide & one coat of synthetic enamel or epoxy paint are used for the dryer in M. S. from outside.
- The outer body is also polished to 180-220 grit finish with step-less body for GMP model tray dryers.
- In case of economic Tray Dryer model the inside sheets are 18 SWG AISI 304/316 sheets tag welded & mirror finished while for GMP model
  dryers the inside of the dryers made out of either 16 swg or 14 swg thick sheets fully welded from inside and polished to mirror finish.
- The dryers are manufactured in various combinations according to the requirements & the products to be dried inside the dryer such as AISI 304
   from outside & AISI 316 from inside, AISI 316 from both inside & outside, M. S. from outside & AISI 304 / AISI 316 inside & the thicknesses
   according to the requirements and the models.
- The inside fan & radiator / heaters are covered with S. S. / G. I. mesh to have safety in operation.
- All the joints are rounded to have minimum pressure drop across the corners of the dryer.
- The guide ramps & locking arrangements are provided to load the trolley inside dryer and same can be removed and installed as & when required.
- The drying oven model having M. S. body from outside & S. S. body inside is provided with 150 mm S. S. collar around the door as shown in the
   front page photograph.
- All the dryers are provided with necessary control panel boards. The dryers are supplied with either FLP or NON-FLP controls & drives.
- Air in the dryer is circulated by means of fan fitted on the side of the dryer.
- The fans are made out of AISI 304 / 316 or M.S. with S. S. / M.S. / EN8 shafts driven by suitable horsepower motors.
- The shafts are well balanced dynamically & are provided with balancing test certificates.
- The controls are enclosed in a rounded corner AISI 304 or M.S. powder coated box.
- All starters, contactors, fuses, indicating lamps &switches are provided with name plates & are wired with earthing bolts.
- The control panel enclosure is also supplied as a flameproof(FLP) enclosure for the Flame Proof models. 
- Temperature is controlled precisely by solid-state digital temperature controller with indicator or PID controller.
- These sizes of trays are of 32” X 16” X 1¼” or 32” X 16” X 2” and are manufactured out of 16/18/19 swg.
- AISI 304 / 316 or PP. All the corners are rounded & without any gap.
- The 18 swg thick trays are with bidding from the top while 16 swg trays are without bidding and are used for all GMP model tray dryers.
- The trays are polished to mirror finish.
- The trays with perforations are also supplied for bottle or vial dryers.
- Trolleys with Trays
- Are manufactured from heavy gauge rectangular pipes & S. S. angle with cross supports from behind.
- The trolleys are provided with S. S. brackets & S. S. wheels or PU wheels with S. S. brackets or Cast Iron castors according to the requirement.
- The front of the trolley is provided with pulling handles.
- The wheels are 2 Nos. fixed & 2 Nos. swivel type.
- The trolleys also supplied in M. S. with heat resistant aluminum paint.
- We supply the dryers with following sizes, which are standard model while the non- standard dryers also designed and supplied according to the
- Model PEPL 24:
- GMP Model- Stepless Body 24 Tray Dryer
- Design to accommodate 24 trays.
- Overall Dimensions: Internal Dimensions.
- H = 1015 mm (40”) with legs H = 790 mm (32”)
- W = 1670 mm (66”) with stand W = 830 mm (33”)
- D = 965 mm (38”). D = 815 mm (32”)
- Heating -
- Temp. 1000C - 6 Kw.
- Temp. 2000C - 9 Kw.
- Temp. 3000C - 12 Kw.
- No. of Doors - One.
- No. of Fans - Two.
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