Tray Dryer (Vacuum)
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   Product Description

Salient Features

- 4" dial vacuum and temperature gauge is provided on the suction line.
- Temperature gauges are provided at inlet and outlet of water circulation.
- Sight Windows, vacuum break valve and isolation valve are filled on the   vacuum tray dryer.
- Glass tube is fitted on the receiver to view the condensate level.
- Special type   lock provided for easy tightening of the vacuum tray dryer.
- Are suitable for drying of thermal sensitive materials easily resolved, polymerized or deteriorated under higher temperature.
- Sterilization can be conducted prior to the drying process, during witch no matter is allowed to enter the product.
- Static vacuum dryer eliminates the configuration damage of the drying materials, there for widely used in pharmaceutical, chemicals and foodstuff etc 
- All the product contact parts are SS 316.
- All the inlet air contact parts and other components are SS 304.
- Other than SS all other materials like Gaskets, Teflon, silicon tubes, etc. all are  food grade.
- All the measuring instruments are calibrated.
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