Tray Dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- We offer a range of tray dryers that are manufactured from high grade stainless steel 304,316 or 316L as per the clientís requirements.
- They are available with the choice of heating mode electrically and are widely used in different industries such as pharmaceuticals;
   chemicals, food, paints, textiles & other industries.
- Tray dryers are well accepted for economical drying of powder, granules, food material & chemicals.
 - They have a door that is provided at the front side of the dryer and is lined with silicon rubber gasket to prevent leakages.
- Air circulation is done by particularly designed for the recirculation of blowers that are inside the dryer.
- Our range of tray dryers are offered with steam, electric, thermo fluid or hot water system and the temperature is controlled by electronic
   digital temp controller fixed in the control panel. Trolley trucks are used to load and unload the trays into the dryer.


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Contact Person: Mr. Vipul Shah
City: Mumbai
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