Tray dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Main Body/Vacuum chamber SS316  with heavy duty SS316 flange and Stiffeners. 
- Door SS 316 (hemisphere shape) with heavy duty SS316 flange.
- Shelves Hollow Type pads SS316 with flow Baffles.
- Condenser (Shell&tube) and Receiver in SS 304 with Isolation valve and Flow Glass in between to monitor condensation.
- Trays (with out back folding) in SS316 rounded corners and edges.
- Explosion Vent/Rupture Disc on vacuum chamber.
- Digital Temperature Controller (FLP) with solenoid controlled Pneumatic operated valve at Hot Water inlet.
- Provision for Validation Port on Body
- Digital Temp., Indicator (FLP) at H.W. inlet & outlet.
- Dial type Vacuum gauge and Digital Temp., Indicator (FLP) in Vapor line.
- Pressure release valve in Steam line.
- View Glass/Light glass provided on vacuum chamber Door, Body and Receiver.
- Silicon transparent gasket for door.
- Nitrogen purging valve provided on Vacuum chamber.
- Vacuum break valve provided on vacuum chamber
- Drain valve for Vacuum chamber and Receiver.
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