Tray Dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Triple walled construction on a sturdy angle iron frame.
- Inner and outer made up of heavy M.S. sheet.
- Outer body is primer painted to prevent rusting.
- Inner body is painted with heat resistant aluminium paint.
- Gap between two walls is filled with high-grade glass wool to minimize thermal loss.
- Brackets to support the heavily laden drying trays at adjustable height are provided on the side of inner walls.
- Heating is brought about by strip type air heaters.
- Temperature range from ambient to 150C
- Temperature is controlled by PID Digital Temp. Controller cum Indicator.
- Ventilation is provided at the sides & top to exhaust fumes or vapours.
- Heavy duty motor of suitable capacity provides forced air circulation so as to ensure uniform heating throughout the inner chamber.
- A separate control panel is fitted to the chamber with individual control for ON/OFF and air circulation Fan.
- To work on 400/440 volts AC supply.
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City: Chennai
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