Tray Dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Temperature uniformity ensured by an effective air distribution, which homogeneously reaches every section of the chamber. Walls internally
  welded in order to eliminate environmental pollution according to the most stringent standards of cGMP. Thermal insulation according to
  good engineering practice and current regulations. Easy access for maintenance to the heating, ventilation and cooling groups
  (cooling installed in sterilizing ovens only). Detached control board featuring maximum installation flexibility. Filtration of both incoming
  and outgoing air through effective chamber protection.
- Sterilizing - Depyrogenizing Ovens
- Process temperature control up to 2500C . Accuracy better than +/- 3% versus the set - value. Excellent high temperature uniformity in
  the chamber. Absolute filters of 5 micron for both at air intake and air exhaust. Absolute filtration  of the  recirculating air (class 100 inside
  the chamber). Double door models with all safety devices according to cGMPS. Electric heaters with proportional intensity variation for
  accurate temperature  regulation. The ovens are also supplied with steam / oil radiators.
   Chemac Equipments Pvt. Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr. B. B. Gatkal
City: Navi Mumbai
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