Tray Dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- A Drum or compartment dryer is an enclosed, insulated housing in which solids are placed on tiers of trays in the case of particulate solids or
  stacked in piles or shelves in the case of large objects.
- Heat transfer may be direct from gas to solids by circulation of large volumes of hot air or gases, or indirect by use of heated shelves by means of
  electrical heater and refractory walls inside the housing. -Uniform depth of loading in dryers is essential for consistent operation, minimum heating
  cycles or control of final moisture.
- After a tray has been loaded, the bed should be leveled to a uniform depth.
- Control of drying cycle is maintained by controlling circulating air temperature.
- Uniform velocity of air over the material is equally important.
- In order to eliminate stagnant air pockets and to improve upon heat transfer co efficient, it is desirably that velocity of circulating air lies between
  1 to 10 m /sec.
- Proper air flow depends on design of ductwork, fan capacity etc.
- In general, trolleys are loaded on tracks fitted with flanged wheels to run inside the chamber.
- Trays are fabricated from 316 S.S, and a minimum clearance of 40 mm is maintained between the material in one tray and the bottom of the tray
   immediately above.
- Air is circulated by centrifugal fan mounted within or directly above the dryer.
- Total pressure drop through the trays, heaters and ductwork is usually in the range of 25 to 50 mm of water.
- Insulation of compartment is done which the help of insulation materials with lower thermal conductivity and having air pockets or void spaces within
  its configuration, thus minimizing the amount of heat transferred.
- Such material may be particulate or fibers with or without binders.
- Steam is the best heating medium. However, when steam is not available or the drying load is small, electric heaters are used.
- For temperatures above 200 C, indirect fired air heater or products of combustion can be used.
- Air filters are placed before the fan so that fresh air is drawn within the cabinet.
- Loading of trays is generally done between 10 to 100 mm while individual tray area lies between 0.5 to 1.0 sq. Meter.
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