Tray Dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Our Tray Dryers are useful In Pharmaceutical. Chemical, Dyestuffs, Food & Automobile Industries.
- A Tray Dryer is an enclosed, insulated housing in which Trays are placed on angled rack.
- Material to be dried is placed on the trays. Heating media is Hot Air, and heat transfer is direct from gas to solid.
- Electric heaters and circulation fan arrangement maintains the constant temperature in the dryer and ensures uniform circulation of hot air.
- Tray Dryers are available in 12, 24, 48, & 96 tray capacity models. constructed in Stainless Steel 304 / 316 / 316L cGMP construction. 
- Fan is dynamically balanced with specially sealed bearing to withstand the high temperature
- Heating Arrangement - Electrical / Steam heating
- Designed for uniform circulation ot hot air In the drying chamber
- Tunnel type dryers wherein trolleys are placed one behind the other and double door loading
- Electric heater terminals situated outside the hot zone in case of electrically heated dryers.
- Heaters are accessible and replaceable from   outside the dryer
- The front doors are explosion proof and are locked with the help of spring loaded ball latches with suitable pressure
- Tray Dryer has a filter for fresh air inlet and an adjustable air outlet
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