Tipper - Fluied Bed dryer
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  Tipper
   Product Description

  Salient Features
- Stainless steel lift yoke with integral Gearbox for rotation of discharge cone and  container.
- Discharge cone clamps ore made of stainless steel with ease of secure, clamping design.
- Control cabinet is in powdered coated in M.S. and is  tight, complete with hydraulic power pack and electric control.
- Complete fail safe design.
- Conforms to latest cGMP Standards.
- Discharge cone is fitted with a butterfly valve. The MOC is SS316/304.
- Imported power pack.
  Optional Features
- Free standing unit.
- Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Mechanical design.
- Adjustable stop
- Additional lift column height.
- Double Column For heavier loads.
- Imported power packs.
- Hydraulic arrangement for tilting.
- 1800-SWIVELcolumn.
- Pneumatically actuated waive.
- Single cone for 2 sizes of FBD Bowl with adaptor.
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