Thermal Analysis
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Salient Features
- In an effort to stay on the cutting edge of technology and to repudiate the conventional wisdom that automatic samplers' are "expensive, bulky equipment dedicated to control", SHIMADZU has developed the DSC-60A automatic DSC, based on the concept of the DSC with built-in "tweezers". - Additionally, utilization of state-of-the-art software functions cost effective efficiency, and a compact body that can be installed in a limited space are some of the standard features of the DSC-60A.
- Increased Sensitivity and Resolution with Progressive DSC Detector
- Excellent S/N Ratio
- Integrated Cooling Operation
- Convenient Detector Cleaning with Simplest Operations
- Simple Operation to Mail Data via Internet
- Progressive Reporting Functions Based on OLE
- Fully Compatible Windows® 95 32-bit Applications.
- Compatible with TA-50 Series Modules.
- The built-in automatic sampler can be installed in a small space. (DSC-60).
- Set up samples for 24 hours worth of analysis. (DSC-60A).
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