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Hot Product Tapasya - Plough Shear Mixer
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   Product Description

- Ribbon Blender is a light duty blender mainly used for easy to mix powder components which are pre-processed like dried granules, pre-sieved powders etc.
- It is a LOW SHEAR mixer and mostly used for SOLID / SOLID Mixing. Solid / Liquid mixing can also be achieved when high shearing force is not desired.
- It occupies less head room space for large volume mixing unlike Double Cone, 'V' Blenders etc.

Salient Features

- Batch size based on 70% of blender volume.
- Cross Contamination is completely eliminated by mounting Bearings on lanterns out of mixing zone Plough Shovels bolted on sockets are easily removable providing easy accessibility to all inside parts of the mixer
- Feeding through a charging port mounted on top of the mixer.
- Inspection Doors with safety interlocks.
- Reduced material handling due to bottom discharge facility of processed materials.
- Choppers provision as an optional feature.
- Fully welded plough shovels can also be provided on request.
- Available size 100 [to 10,000 Ltrs.


- Bulk powder mixing on following combinations
- Dry/Dry
- Drt/ Moist pasty wet
- Mosit / Mosit pasty wet
- Dry powder to wet phase mixing for wet granulation

   Tapasya Engineering works Pvt Ltd   
Contact Person: Mr . Sagun Sawant
Address: A/212 Road No 30
Area: Wagle Industrial Estate
Pin Code: 400604
City: Thane
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