Tablet Counting Machine
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Salient Features
- We provide Tablet-Capsule Counting Machine(Fully Auto) which is a fully automatic single disc counting machine.
- Constructed using highly sophisticated technology and superior production techniques, these Tablet-Capsule Counting Machines(Fully Auto) has higher rate of counting and filling of capsules-tablets.
- Moreover, to ensure precision functioning, we offer these fully automatic single disc counting machines with turntable, filler & conveyor.


- Upto six bottles can be automatically filled at a time through a twin 3 track filler
- Upto 150 bottles per minute depending upon the number of counts per fill
- Optional accessories: Dust Collector for removing the powder from the filler when using uncoated tablets.

Contact Person: Mr. Ramesh S. Pawar (Director)
City: Andheri
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