Surelease Aqueous Ethylcellulose Dispersions
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Surelease is a platform of complete, extended release, aqueous coating systems utilizing ethylcellulose as the rate controlling polymer for drug release.
- The dispersions are a unique combination of film-forming polymer, plasticizer and stabilizers; that can be used for modified release and taste masking
- This advanced technology provides reliable and reproducible release profiles that are consistent from the laboratory, to pilot and production scale
- The primary means of drug release is by diffusion through the Surelease membrane and is directly controlled by film thickness.
- By simply increasing or decreasing the amount of Surelease applied, the rate of drug release is modified.
- No matter what quantity is used, Surelease dispersions consistently provide uniform drug release independent of pH.
- The easy adjustment of release profiles provides significant time savings both in development and production.
- Furthermore, process optimization ensures the coating is fully coalesced, which completely eliminates the need for a curing step.
- Surelease has proven performance, as well as scalability since it provides consistent results beginning in the lab through to production.
- Surelease is also safe to use with components that meet the requirements of major pharmacopeia, and registered product approvals world wide.
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