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Spin Flash Dryer
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Spin Flash Dryer is ideal for drying of wet cake, slurry, paste which is normally difficult to dry in other dryers.
- The material is fed by screw feeder through a variable speed drive into the vertical drying chamber where it is heated by hot air and at the same time disintegrated by a specially designed disintegrator.
- The heating of air may be direct or indirect depending upon the application.
- The dry powder is collected through cyclone separator / bag filter or with combination of both.

- Amino Acid
- Pigments
- Starch
- Palm Kernel
- Gluten
- Effluent
- Bleach Clay
- Organic Salt
- H-Acid
- Dye & Dye Intermediates
   SSP Pvt Limited   
Contact Person: Mr. Anik Roy
City: Faridabad
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