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Salient Features

- The modern effective medicines aimed at increased Bio-availability of the drug and sustained release of to  various ingredients have introduced many innovative processes in manufacturing and delivery of the
- The Solace fluid Bed coaters offer a unique and economical process of coating Powders, Pallets and Granules coupled with perfect drying.
- These Fluid Bed Dryers use Wurster Technology, world’s best bottom mounted choke-free spray guns and specially designed cartridge filters  for a perfectly coated product.
- The equipment is capable of handling any of the following:
- Aqueous or Solvent based solutions or suspensions.
- Controlled release coatings
- Enteric Release coatings
- Fine particle coatings
- Active layering
- The filtered, drie and Humidity controlled air is supplied from its accompanying Air Handling Unit (A complete system in itself).
- The Wurster plate generates controlled air current while fluidization is in process and the spray guns dispense controlled amount of coating solution to every pallet or granule.
- All process parameters are stored and controlled by a unique PLC system with a colour touch screen.
- The equipment is relied upon by the best in the Pharmaceutical Industry  and offers enormous economy in operations and cost of the finished product.
   Solace Engineers (Mktg) Pvt. Ltd.   
Contact Person: Mr. Kaushik Ghosh
Address: A-1, Vijay Industrial Estate, Samiyala
Area: Vadodara-Padra Road
Pin Code: 391410
City: Vadodara
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