Single Use Data Logger (SUDL114)
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   Product Description

We are engaged in offering excellent quality Single Use Data Logger (SUDL114) to our valuable clients. It is well known that perishable products like medicine, fresh vegetable, fruit, sea food, meat etc are imported & exported nationally, internationally. It is obvious that all companies keep eye on the temperature while moving from one place to another place. To make this monitoring process more convenient in transportation Enviro introduces “SUDL” portable data logger.

This device is small in size & it logs the ambient temperature through internal Sensor at correct time and accurate precision. It is used for only one time.

It can record temperature data record of 6000 points during transportation up to 120 days. You can connect it to your computer by plugging directly into USB port and get data report. There is no requirement for any additional cables or other apparatus. Reported data can be saved, printed out or sent by e-mail.

There is a special option “SEND TO WEB” in the software, where you can send all the data report to our server. You can get the report anytime by entering the device serial number to DATA FOLLOW UP INTERROGATION form in our website from a computer connected to the Internet. You can also download the data in PDF format & take print out of the files.

Supplier Product Code : SUDL114
Contact Person: Mr. Mayuresh
City: Mumbai
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