shuttle type Blister Sealing Machine
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  SB1-1012
   Product Description

Salient Features
At a glance
- Single-station shuttle type Blister Sealing Machine
- Economical for entry level and cellular manufacturing
- Table top design uses 115 volt power and compressed air
- Custom machine sizes and features quoted on request
Standard Features

- Electronic seal timer (Omron)
- Digital temperature controller-degrees F and C
- Main power/Heater OFF/ON selector switch
- Emergency STOP button
- Teflon sheet covered sealing plate
- Hot plate insulator
- Pneumatic platen cylinder
- Operator safety platen guard
- Filter, Regulator & Pressure gauge
- Heavy-duty construction
- CSA or CE certified
- Steel components painted blue color

   Ecobliss India Pvt.Limited   
Contact Person: AVPS Chakravarthi
City: Hyderabad
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