Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Model XT8021 Low Table 
- Tension 5~60 kg 
- Strap speed  2.2 second/strap 
- Strapping Properties  PP, PEO. 6~1.0 mm (Thickness) 6~15 mm (width) 
- Min/ Max Strap Size  60 x 30 mm ~ (limitless) 
- Table Height  460 mm 
- Power 110v, 220v~240v/50Hz 1 Phase 0.6 kw 
- Load 180 kg 
- Machine Size  1490 x 565 x 460 mm 
- Machine Weight  80 kg 
- Strapping Machine (semi-automatic / semi-auto ): Semi-automatic strapping machine adopts PP strapping as packing material.
- It is widely used in home appliance, food, general merchandise, medicine production, chemical industry, printing, post office and textile departments.
- It can work with production line and automatically finish the tension, cutting and welding.
- Features: Strap at quick speed and with high efficiency.
- Only takes 1.5 seconds for strapping one polypropylene strap.
- Instant-heating systems, low voltage of 1v, height safety, and will be in best strapping state in 5 seconds after you start the machine.
- Automatic stopping devices save electricity and make it practical.
- The machine will automatically stop and be in standby state when you don't operate it beyond 60 seconds.
- Electromagnetic clutch, quick and smooth.
- Coupled-axle transmission, quick speed, low noise, low wear and tear, and low breakdown rate.
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City: Mumbai
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