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Sakav - Fluid Bed Dryers
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   Product Description

Salient Features
Product Container Trolley

- Fabricated out of heavy gauge Stainless Steel and provided with glass window. The base of the container is fitted with a specially designed
  plate of Sandwich Type construction and shall be air tight. This maintains even distribution of drying air and uniformity in drying.
- The Fluid Bed Dryer can be heated either by electrically or by steam. Steam Units will be provided with Heat Exchanger and Electrical Units
  will be provided with Open Type Heating Elements.
Product Filter
- This is fabricated of Fabric Cloth and can be easily fitted in the Dryer and can be removed as well whenever required for laundering conveniently.
- All the main controls have been fitted together in a separate Control Box in front side of the Dryer. The Starter for Fan Motor and other
  electrical instruments shall be fitted in the Control Box.
- Steam heated models shall be provided with solenoid valves for Temperature Control.
- 'SAKAV' is involved in continuous innovative developments to incorporate the latest technology. As such Specifications are subject to
  change without notice.
   Sakav Ovens Dryers & Furnaces   
Contact Person: Mr . Vinit Shrisat
City: Thane
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