Rotary Packer Machine
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  350/450
   Product Description

Salient Features

- The Ecobliss Rotary Packer €ERP 350/450€ is a very efficient semi-automatic rotary packaging machine.
- This piece of equipment is ideal with it€s speed of 12 cycles per minute and offers capacity for your medium to large sized batch production of Ecobliss cold seal blister packs.
- In the ERP 350/450 manual operations are combined with automated operations making it a very efficient and versatile machine at very reasonable cost.
- The machine is solid and low-tech making it into a very reliable asset to your company.
- Nevertheless there is enough €smartness€ in the machine to ensure stable and good quality output only.
- Special attention is paid to the seal quality which is ensured to be of the highest level on every pack coming out of this machine.
- Because of its simplicity it is also very low on maintenance cost and very user friendly.

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Contact Person: Mr.AVPS Chakravarthi
City: Hyderabad
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