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Roll Compactor
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Our Roll Compactors are easily distinguished from the common to arrive at a supreme niche category of particle processing and
  enlargement equipments.
- Production capacities range between as low as 5 kilograms per hour and 100 tonnes per hour depending on the nature, density and
  characteristic of materials to be compacted.
- Hydraulic Power Pack System generates the necessary pressure on the counter-rotating forward & backward reciprocating rollers
  creating the desired consistent throughput in one single passage of material.
- Also, we guarantee that the Roll Compactors manufactured by Mahal Engineering will foster oneness with the operator for its ease to
  clean and maintain.
- A total of 110 components go into one Mahal Engineering Roll Compactor 45% more components over other manufacturers.
- The ingredients which create each unit are subjected to tedious quality checks, 6280 in total, reports of which are submitted in the
  Operational & Instruction  Manual.
- The assembly-line production would not befit our manufacturing principles.
- After thorough study of the nature and characteristics of the materials to be compacted are understood, our team suggests viable Mahal
  Engineering Roll Compactor models which would not just meet your expectations.
   Mahal Engineering   
Contact Person: Mr. S.S.Mahal
City: Mumbai
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