Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Chemical and Food Industries, for dry and wet granulation.
- The basic equipment consists of machine base covered all around by SS flush type panels.
- The frame is provided with a SS staircase & railings.
- Over the frame there is RMG Bowl with pneumatically open able lid.
- It has two mixing blades.
- Material to be mixed is whirled and tumbled, close to the bottom of RMG bowl with the help of chopper blades.
- Chopper Tool located at the side prevents lump formation.
- RMG produces a highly efficient, fast & homogenous mixing.
- Specially designed chopper blades driven at high speed gives fast and even granulation.
- Pneumatically operated side Discharge Arrangement can be provided on either side to suit customerís requirement.
- Constructed of SS 316, SS 304 and MS.
- Capacity Ė 10 Ltr. to 1000 Ltr.
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Contact Person: Mr.Joseph Joy.V
City: Thane
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