Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Adding New Dimensions to the Granulation Technology. A Novel Solution in Wet Mixing and Rapid Granulation Technology.
- "RMG Series" has been designed, manufactured, tested and certified to achieve optimal solution for wet mixing and granulation. This is not just a claim; it
  is our commitment to customer satisfaction.
- The RMG series is the answer for industry wide concern regarding uniformity ofthe granules, consistent product quality and operation, cleaning &
  maintenance in lesser time. We have been successfully able to address and solve these and many other area of concern.
- This is the result of the integrated & cohesive efforts of our R & D team, Manufacturing Engineers, Application Specialist to challenge the emerging need of
  customized and specific solution in the process technology. This series meets the highest cG M P standards.
Working Principle
- Mixing and Wet Granulation Process is performed in one sequence.
- The fast moving mixer blades enforce the powder material in to spiral fiuidisation atthe bowl base.
- This vortex effect in the material provides faster and uniform (even) distribution of the ingredients. The shape ofthe bowl is designed to ensure an optimal
  and constant fiow of the processing material. This intensive mixing action distributes "active" substances homogeneously within few minutes. By adding
  binder through charging hole at the top cover, particles are uniformly moistened and aggregated to large granules.
- The vertically rotating, specially designed chopper blades shears the circulating powder and breaks down lumps and aggregates. Thus granules attain higher
  density and uniformity in shape, thereby achieving a uniform particle size distribution. The product is discharged by gravity within a few seconds through
  discharge port operated by pneumatic cylinder. Product discharge made quicker by rotating mixer blades at a slowspeed.
- Mixing of substances uniformly and homogeneously with specially designed and angled choppers and mixer blades (agitator or beaters). Ultimately you get
  mixture with uniform particle size distribution and uniform product shape (without lumps) is achieved.
- The co-ordination between the bowl shape and peripheral speed of the mixing blade produces a vortex fiow in the productto achieve desired mixing
Speed Of Operation & Maintenance
- Short processing time by one step mixing and granulation. The process time can be reduced significantly. Our special designed processing bowl ensures
  constant fiow of the processing material and electro-pneumatic discharge of product is faster by the operation of mixture blades.
- All mechanical and electrical elements are installed, ready for operation, in the machine housing where they are easily accessible for maintenance work.
- Charging port with safety grill to prevent accidental contact of the operatorto moving parts.
- The motors are provided with safety interlocks at covers of the mixing bowl and discharge port.
- Neitherthe two motors nor the discharge port piston will operate, if any of their covers are open.
- Both motors and discharge port piston are interlocked with main line air pressure switch to avoid accidental opening of discharge port to cause product loss
  in case of insufficient air pressure.
Dust Free Operation
- Dustfilter is fixed atthe top cover to eliminate dusting in granulation area,
- Built-in piping and drainage system for thorough cleaning and flushing of water through drive shaft seal area without the need to remove these seals,
- Seals are provided at all moving parts for dust free operation,
- HcG M pH Construction with air purge sealing of drive shaft of mixer & chopper motor,
Precision Engineering & Ergonomics In General
- Stainless steel covers for chopper motor,
- All product contact parts are of stainless steel (mirror polished).
- Electro-pneumatic operating discharge is controlled from main console.
- Precision engineering to minimize clearance between bowl and mixer blade.
- Dual speed for main and granulator drive with interlocking arrangement.
- Discharge flange has seal on face to match profile matching with inside surface of the Bowl to avoid leakage of powder during operation.
- Two stage housing for mixer blade, eliminating any chance of cross-contamination between bearing grease and product mix.
- Rigid base structure ofthe machine from welded MS channel.
- The base is totally enclosed by removable SS 304 covers.
- Observation window at top cover at bowl.
- Switch gears, fuses, relays and times are contained in dust free sheet metal panel box.
- The starter electrical control panel contains motor starters, indicator lamps, push buttons and control of discharge valves and ammeter (if any).
Optional Features
- PLC with touch screen
- Jacketed bowl (Outer jacket in Stainless Steel)
- Material handling device,
- Spray system
- Variable lifting mechanism for top cover
- ACVF for mixer & chopper
- Contact parts in SS3 16 (std, in R&D model)
- Additional bases, access platforms and stairs for elevated installations (except for R&D model),
- Davit arm- where height is a problem, the top cover can be supplied to swing horizontally to the side by a davit arm operating system
  (except for R&D model)
- Flameproof controls
Areas Of Applications
- Mixing, Granulating, Coating, Homogeneou~ blending, Deagglomerating, Wetting, Humidifying, Gelling and Chopping,
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