Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- TM cyclo rapid mixers are used for intensive mixing for powdery, granular and/or pasty materials. The above products can be mixed, cooled,
   heated, dried and/or granulated.
- The intensive mixing of the product is effected in a very short time due to great number of radial elements with paddles to the mixing shaft & very high
   number of revolutions.
- The number of revolutions of the mixing shaft comprises 100 to 1000 revolutions per minute.
-  Each element carries one or more mixing paddles at the other end that extended with another end parallel to & near to the inner sidewall of the vessel. - The elements are rod shaped & have a large radial dimension, whereas the paddles are plate shaped & have a small radial dimension & are limited
   rotatable over an angle around the longitudinal axis of the rod for shaped element.
- The elements consist of knives, of which a part has a variable angle position with the vertical.
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