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Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
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   Product Description

Safety Features
- All belts, pulleys & transmission system are adequately guarded with suitable covers.
- Machine can't be started if the top lid is open due to a proximity sensor.
- Machine can't be started if the air pressure is below the set value
- Machine can't be started if the discharge flange is open for cleaning due to a proximity sensor.
- If main impeller is lifted upward fir cleaning or for visual inspection during validation of cleaning. the machine can't be switched ON.
- Machine can't be started unless Fluid bed trolley is kept underneath discharge assembly.
 The following additional features can be given with the machine at an extra cost if required.
- Main impeller can be lifted by hydraulic cylinder by 100 mm during washing. Using this feature main impeller gets lifted up by a hydraulic
   cylinder by actuating an electric switch so that cleaning & visual inspection for validation process for the main impeller cleaning can be done
   easily. See drawing attached to understand this feature.
- Automation of RMG operation by means of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Details are attached herewith for your reference. We can
   also do PC based automation.
- CIP wash system or clean in process system can be supplied which can be either PLC or manual depending upon the user's requirement. FR
   washing principal         (similar to domestic washing machine for clothes) ensures that bottom side of each bland of main impeller is cleaned
   properly during wash cycle.
- Machine with mechanical seals to enable vacuum loading of material.
- Jacketed vessel for heating/ cooling. Solvent recovery can be done by a separate condenser.
- Binder solution adding arrangement with triclover fitted for easy removal. The same arrangement can be utilized for CIP wash.
- We can provide variable speed drive (AC drive ) for main & chopper impellers where by as per program both impellers will run at the set speed.
   With this drive one can achieve any rpm at between 50 to 4500 to meet the requirement of any formulation composition.
- Main drive can be made to run on hydraulic motor so that main impeller RPM can be varied infinitely. With this & a tilting provision  the high
   shear mixer can be used as a single pot processor where with mechanical seals vacuum drying of the wet mass can be done. Hydraulic tilting of
   entire bowl from 300o on either side with hot purging enables quicker drying.    
Working Cycle
- Dry Mixing -2 to 4 minutes
- Wet Granulation - 4 to 15 minutes.
- Discharge - 30 to 60 seconds
- Complete Cycle - 6 to 20 minutes.
- Main impeller being lifted by 100mm during wash
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