Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
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   Product Description

Salient Features
- Capacity ranging from 1 liter to 1500 liters
- Design and finish comply with GMP standards
- Integration of dry blending and wet granulation processes into one-step mixing and granulation
- Telescopic lifting arrangement for main impeller as an option
- CIP Manifold washes all contact surface of Process material
- Controlled and enclosed mixing complying to GMP standards
- Specially designed impeller blades to optimize the high speed agitation of the charge
- Precision engineering to minimize clearance between bowl and impeller
- The machine is supplied with standard manual controls.
- Optionally, can also be supplied with Programmable Logic Control [PLC] system and MMI for the visual display of the operating parameters
- Dual-speed option for the Impeller as well as Chopper to ensure outstanding results for different types of products
- Special designed air-purged GMP shaft seals keep powder away from mechanical drives and prevent product contamination.
- Built-in piping and drainage system for thorough c1eani flushing of water through both drive shaft seals. Jacketed Bowl Provision Optional
- Flame proof construction Optional
- Product transfer with IPC by IPC Loader and Positioned for dust free operation and better GMP compliance Optional.
- We offer a range of Rapid Mixer Granulator that is a multipurpose machine used for mixing as well as granulation of ingredients.
- It is equipped with a dual speed impeller that is multi-bladed and fitted close to the base of the mixing bowl with the chopper is mounted on the wall of
   the mixing bowl.
- Having dual-speed options, both the chopper as well as the impeller helps in smoothly distributing the granulating solution as it is added and for
   fluidizing the charge and creating the vortex of the material being mixed by both vertical and horizontal components.
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