Protein Sequencing
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   Technical Specifications
Model:  PPSQ-31A/33A
   Product Description

Salient Features
- In addition to the features of the conventional PPSQ series, our newly developed sequencer software integrates the two conventional PPSQ system and HPLC system software packages.
- As a result, selection/input of analytical conditions, as well as reaction steps, and analysis results can all be controlled easily from a single window.
- In addition, the newly developed sequencer software provides important chromatogram reprocessing for determining amino acid sequences.
- This software processes multiple chromatograms aggregated by sample, thereby significantly improving data analysis functionality.
- Furthermore, by adopting the newest HPLC analysis system, noise levels are reduced, enabling high sensitivity detection of PTH-amino acids.
Highly sensitive detection

- Reducing noise levels has enabled high sensitivity detection of PTH-amino acids.(Noise level 0.5x10-5 AU: Detector unit)
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