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Vinayak Industries   
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Contact Person: Mr. Radheshyam Vind
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Products By Vinayak Industries
  • Mass Mixer

    Salient Features                         - SIGMA MIXER consist of "W" shaped containe ... more

  •  Company: Vinayak Industries Viewed : 713 times
  • Jackted Vessel

    Salinet Features Drive              - Complete dry unit consist of taptred,Roller Bearing,Bearing Housing with bearing,Flexible co ... more

  •  Company: Vinayak Industries Viewed : 491 times
  • Ribbon Blender Mixer

    Salient Features             - Ribbon Blender are mostly used by Chemicals, Plastic, Pharmaceutical, Paints and food industries. The Ribbon ... more

  •  Company: Vinayak Industries Viewed : 495 times
  • Filters

    - Spiral filters are used for Filteration of liquid with high solid contents in Chemical, Food, Adhesives and other industries. Discharge of the cake in   dry or wet form can be done easily ... more

  •  Company: Vinayak Industries Viewed : 483 times
  • Centrifuges (Hydro Extractors)

    Salient Features          - Manual Top Discharge type of Centrifuge is the basic type of Centrifuge for solid liquid separation. It contains Basket which i ... more

  •  Company: Vinayak Industries Viewed : 460 times