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Vihar Engineering   
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Contact Person: Mr. Rabinder Chhabra
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Products By Vihar Engineering
  •    Tube filling Machine

    Salient Features    - These tube filling machines have a sturdy and compact design and are simple in operation- The Rotating Disc of these crimping and batch- coding machines is availab ... more

  •  Company: Vihar Engineering Viewed : 1839 times
  • Liquid Filling Machine

    Salient Features      - No container - No fill arrangement. - Diving type filling nozzles provided. Hence avoid spillage & foam formation. - All contact parts are made in S.S. 304. ... more

  •  Company: Vihar Engineering Viewed : 579 times
  • Planetary Mixer

    Salient Features   - Vacuum type planetary mixers are designed for mixing ointments, paste, wet mass, cream and dry powders. The rotation mixer uses   gear transmission to drive two imp ... more

  •  Company: Vihar Engineering Viewed : 501 times
  • Mass Mixer

    Salient Features    - Available size - 10 kg to 300 kg- Ideal for dry & wet material uniform mixing Available GMP Model.- Designed to perfection for thorough mixing, our mass mixer ... more

  •  Company: Vihar Engineering Viewed : 850 times
  • Tube Filling & Sealing Machine (Ointment / Cream)

    Salient Features   - The contacting parts of the machines are made using 316L grade of stainless steel- Filling head use anti-leakage and lifting filling device- The filling volume and filli ... more

  •  Company: Vihar Engineering Viewed : 616 times
  • Double Cone Blender

       Salient Features   - Model - 10 to 5000 Lts capacity- Ideal for powder mixing for capsule section.- For Uniform mixing of dry powder and granules.- Available in GMP model. ... more

  •  Company: Vihar Engineering Viewed : 626 times
  • Inspection Table

    Salient Features    - Lighting arrangement for visual inspection.- Independent drive mechanism.- Variable speed driven and starter.- Capacity : 40 to 120 bottles/minutes- No. of operato ... more

  •  Company: Vihar Engineering Viewed : 808 times
  • Centrifugal Pump

    Salient Features    - Higher efficiency- Robust and sturdy in design- Least maintenance required- Designed to prevent overloading- Dynamically balanced parts - Our centrifugal pump ... more

  •  Company: Vihar Engineering Viewed : 544 times
  • ROPP Cap Sealing Machine

    Salient Features    - 10000 bottles/shift for Ropp/PP- 12000 vials or saline/shift- The Castor wheels allow easy portability, washing and transporting mixed materials to the bowls- The ... more

  •  Company: Vihar Engineering Viewed : 564 times