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Products By Vats & Vessels
  • Tray Dryer

    Salient Features - Fan is dynamically balanced with specially sealed bearing to withstand the high temperature. - Heating Arrangement - Electrical / Steam heating - Designed for uniform circulati ... more

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  • Fluid Bed Dryer

    Salient Features - Air generated by the powerful blower is passed through a Fin tube radiator. - The air which has now become hot is forced into the product container carries the product upward. ... more

  •  Company: Vats & Vessels Viewed : 1085 times
  • Mass Mixer

    Salient Features - Vats And Vessels Mass Mixers are useful in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Dyestuffs, Food & Automobile Industries. - Construction: It Consist of a 'U' shaped horizontal trough w ... more

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  • Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)

    Salient Features - Chemical and Food Industries, for dry and wet granulation. - The basic equipment consists of machine base covered all around by SS flush type panels. - The frame is provided wi ... more

  •  Company: Vats & Vessels Viewed : 1092 times
  • Multi Mill

    Salient Features - Multi Mill is widely used for Granulation, Pulverization and Mixing. - Swinging Hammer Blades and Scrapers arrangement gives Shredding & Chopping Effect.- The unit consists ... more

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  • Coating Pan

    Salient Features - Coating Pan is suitable for Tablet Coating.- Coating process is complex and requires careful monitoring and control to ensure satisfactory results. - The film coating process a ... more

  •  Company: Vats & Vessels Viewed : 941 times
  • Vibro Sifter

    Salient Features - Vibro Sifter consists of Specially Designed Motor mounted vertically at the center of the base plate of the Screen. - The Screen is in between feeding hopper and bowl. - The ma ... more

  •  Company: Vats & Vessels Viewed : 1018 times
  • Octagonal Blender

    Salient Features - The design mainly consists of a vertical `Octagonal` shaped container fitted with cantilevered intensifier bar inside the shell. - The shell is provided with a dust tight loadi ... more

  •  Company: Vats & Vessels Viewed : 784 times
  • Drum Blender

    Salient Features - Blending implies homogeneous distribution of fluid or particle. - Blending requires definite degree and / or purpose to properly define the desired state of system. - Tumbling ... more

  •  Company: Vats & Vessels Viewed : 930 times
  • Planetary Mixer

    Salient Features - Planetary Mixer is a vertical batch mixer ideally suitable for mixing of ointments, paste, cream, dry powders or wet mass. - Planetary Mixer, as name suggests it has planetary ... more

  •  Company: Vats & Vessels Viewed : 826 times
  • Ribbon Blender

    Salient Features - Ribbon cross-section and pitch, close clearances between outer ribbon and shell, and number of spirals on the ribbon are the few features which can be  varied to acco ... more

  •  Company: Vats & Vessels Viewed : 779 times
  • Double Cone Blender

    Salient Features - The conical shape at both ends enables uniform mixing and easy discharge - Maximum care has been taken ensure safe operation of the unit - The cone is balanced to avoid excessi ... more

  •  Company: Vats & Vessels Viewed : 796 times
  • V-Blender

    Salient Features - V-shape blenders are very efficient blenders. - The blending is achieved by the constant, dividing and intermeshing particle movement in the V-container - Modifications such as ... more

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