Vaibhav Industries   
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Contact Person: Chandulal Panchal
Address: 5-C/111, Mittal Industrial Estate,
Area: A.K. Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai
Pin Code: 400059
Contact No: 9821176761
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Products By Vaibhav Industries
  • Vaibhav Industries - Planetory Mixer

    Different Design & shapes of Mixing. Beaters to suit particular mixing.Requirement for Gelatine / powder of Ointment. Contra Anchor withScrapper are provided for better mixing ( Optional ). Lower ... more

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  • Vaibhav Industries - Heat Exchangers / Condensers

    Features :-Custom builtshell tube type / u bundle typefixed & floating heat temperaturemoc : carbon steel, stainless steel etc. ... more

  •  Company: Vaibhav Industries Viewed : 303 times
  • Vaibhav Industries- Mass Mixer

    Suitable for mixing of wet mass  dry powder with wet mass etc. Forpreparation of pharmaceutical mass, uniform mixing for preparation fortables.unique blade design & placement facilitate in ma ... more

  •  Company: Vaibhav Industries Viewed : 402 times
  • Vaibhav Industries - Multimill

    Highly versatile machine, suitable for Dry Pulverizing of Lumps into small Particles of desired sizes by High Sheer Action. Provided with vertical rotorAssy. With Knife type swinging Blades. Rotor is ... more

  •  Company: Vaibhav Industries Viewed : 408 times
  • Vaibhav Industries - PRESSURE VESSELS

    LIMPET :-Half-pipe jacketing provides very good heattransfer by allowing high flow rates. It isbest suited for high temperatures andpressure applications utilizing hot oil orother high temperature med ... more

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