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Target Innovations   
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Contact Person: Mr. Rajesh Gopinath
Address: 3, Chase International , P.E. Jose Vaz Road
Area: Vasco Da Gama
Pin Code: 403802
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Products By Target Innovations
  • Target - Hand-Held Metal Detector

    Salient Features - Wide Control Area with detection on both sides of the metal Detector- Acoustical and visual alarm indication, proportional to the mass detected- Increased battery life- Optical ... more

  •  Company: Target Innovations Viewed : 863 times
  • Target - Gravity Feed Metal Detector

    Salinet Features- Compact in design- High sensitivity- Automatic rejection of contaminated product- Fast acting electronics- Straight through flow design. No crevices or traps- Comprehensive self diag ... more

  •  Company: Target Innovations Viewed : 1512 times
  • Target - Micro Scan Metal Detector

    Salient Features- Product Type Memory (100 Different Products Can Be Stored in Memory)- Fairly good waterproof ability- Detects Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Stainless Steel- The whole stainless steel stru ... more

  •  Company: Target Innovations Viewed : 1421 times
  • Target - Elevating Tablet Deduster

    Salient Features - Compact in size.- Excellent finishing. - Made by Stainless Steel. - Easy dismantling and assembling. - With Telescopic Height adjustment. - No maintenance required. Comes with ... more

  •  Company: Target Innovations Viewed : 1180 times
  • Target - Metal / Plastic Detector

    Salient Features            - Detects Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Stainless Steel- The whole stainless steel structure with detecting head by adopti ... more

  •  Company: Target Innovations Viewed : 830 times
  • Target - Tablet De-Duster

    Salient Features          - Compact in size and excellent finishing.- Machine constructed in Stainless Steel.- Faster dismantling and assembling- Telescopic Hei ... more

  •  Company: Target Innovations Viewed : 1070 times
  • Target - Tablet Metal Detector

    Salient Features     - High speed reject for positive reject of contaminants.- Compact frame- needs less installation space.- Easily cleaned.- Stainless steel finish for easy clean ... more

  •  Company: Target Innovations Viewed : 1061 times
  • Target - Metal / Plastic Detector

    Salient Features             - High sensitivity- Automatic rejection of contaminated product- Compact design- Straight through flow design. ... more

  •  Company: Target Innovations Viewed : 825 times
  • Target - Door Frame Metal Detector

    Salinet Features - We bring to you excellent quality Door Frame Metal Detector that is utilized for detecting metals inclusive of non-magnetic stainless steel. - High sensitivity, efficacious per ... more

  •  Company: Target Innovations Viewed : 702 times
  • Target - Inspection belt for Tablets

    Salient Features - Target Innovations are an expert in manufacturing various custom metal detection solutions for Pharmaceutical Industries.- Metal Detectors are been designed and manufactured to ... more

  •  Company: Target Innovations Viewed : 850 times