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Contact Person: Mr.Amol
Contact No: +91 - 9867644590
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Products By Sotax India (pvt) Ltd.
  • Automated Tablet Processing

    Salient Fetures - TPW3 and APW3 are third generation products that have improved productivity for over 15 years.- They perform fully automated sample preparation and analysis for the most common ... more

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  • High Volume Dissolution Test Unit

    Salient Features - Fully automated tablet dissolution system for series of 10-15 dissolution tests using the paddle USP 2 method or up to 10 tests using the basket USP   method.- Fulfil ... more

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  • Automated Dissolution Test

    Salient Features -Cells designed for MR, CR and ER tablets, capsules, suppositories, powders, pellets, APIs, implants, medical devices, ophtalmic devices, drug eluting  stents, creams, ... more

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  • Fully Automated Testing System

    Salient Features - Automated testing of the most important physical parameters (weight, thickness, diameter or length and hardness) of up to 10 different products or   batches, e.g ... more

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  • Manul Tablet Testing System

    Salient Features - Testing of five essential physical parameters: hardness, thickness, width, diameter or length and weight of a tablet.- HT 1 is equipped with the Auto Alignment™ device (patente ... more

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