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Contact Person: Pharmaceutical Caps & Closures
Address: 304-307, III Floor, Prayosha Complex,
Area: Next to Hyundai Motor Showroom,
Pin Code: 390024
Contact No: 91-756-768-8877
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  • Sorbead India - Tubes Caps & Closures

    Find here the aluminium tubes, laminated tubes with its caps & closures with different mouth dia for pharmaceutical gel, cosmetics products packaging. We are supply pharmaceutical tubes as per custome ... more

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  • Aluminium Tubes -

    Offers aluminium tubes in different length, width and mouth dia size. Get aluminium tubes for pharmaceutical gel, cosmetics products packaging. send us your quote for aluminium tubes. We also provides ... more

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  • Silica Gel Packets - Tyvek Paper Bags

    Get little pouches of silica gel, molecular sieves, activated clay and carbon desiccants which all are packaged in tyvek paper bags, this material is FDA grade approved. So, user can packaging they ph ... more

  •  Company: SORBEAD INDIA Viewed : 639 times
  • Oxygen Absorbers - 15cc to 3000cc

    We offers oxygen absorbers the little sachets for oxygen free packaging solutions. The oxygen absorbers are USFDA approved, So, user can package food and pharmaceutical products. ... more

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  • Aluminium Tubes

    Sorbead India is the Canada based supplier of 'Montebello' Packaging Tubes - Aluminium & Laminated Tubes as well as Caps & Closures for the packaging of pharmaceutical gel, food gel packaging.We are s ... more

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  • Pharmaceutical Desiccant Activ-Vials

    Sorbead India is the supplier of USFDA approved desiccant activ-vials for pharmaceutical tablets and capsules packaging to keep moisture free packaging product. Desiccant vials are coated with silica ... more

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  • Aluminium Oxide Chromatography

    Salient Features :-- Aluminium oxide for chromatography is being used in the laboratory and in industrial production -  For preparative column chromatographic separations, isolation & purific ... more

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  • Pharmaceutical Coil

    Salient Features Pharmaceutical Coil Description - Pharmaceutical coil is used for tablet packaging to provide a safe, nontoxic, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, traditional filler.- It ... more

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  • cotton fiber

    Salient FEatures Cotton Fiber Description- Carolina Absorbent Cotton is the only vertically integrated cotton coil manufacturer in the United States.- Cotton coil is composed of 100% bleached, ab ... more

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  • M- Laminate Tubes

    Salient Features M- Laminate Tubes Description - M-Laminate combines the benefit of aluminum tube properties with the look and feel of plastic.- The "New Generation" of laminate tubes uses t ... more

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  • Accossries

    Salient Features Container Desiccants Description- Container Desiccants are extensively used in the Logistics, shipping and storage industries.- These products are designed for Moisture & Hum ... more

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  • LDPE Bags

    Salient Features LDPE Bags Description- Sorbead India takes a sophisticated approach to the development, specification and are manufacturers representatives of films and liners for the healthcare ... more

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