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Contact Person: Mr. S.N.kulkarni
Contact No: +91 - 9323036610
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  • Vacuum Tray Dryers

    Salient Features - All stainless steel 304/316/ 316L CGMP or mild steel externals with stainless steel internals (vapor and product contact parts)  - Hollow pad type heating shelves which ar ... more

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  • Ribbon Blenders

    Salient Features - Available in all grades of stainless steel, carbon steel and special alloy steels.  - Ribbon agitator for center discharge.  - Centrally located Flush bottom discharg ... more

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  • Ointment / Cream Processing Plant

    Salient Features - The processing capability of the complete untouched process plant is right from transfer of raw material to delivery of finished product a digital metering   pump int ... more

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  • Liquid Processing Plant

    Salient Features - Operated by one operator and one helper thus saving on precious man- power cost.  - Sugar syrup and manufacturing vessels are provided with limpet coils for heating and co ... more

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  • Heat Exchanger

    Salient Features - Ski offers both shell & tube (SHT) And Plate Type Heat Exchangers (PHE) For Specifics process applications. - cGMP& Sanitary design for pharmaceutical & Bio Parma a ... more

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  • Steam Generator

    Salient Features - Quality of Pure Steam in conformance with USP / EUP / IP.  - Single Pre-Heater design reducing the overall size of the unit. - Pure Steam when condensed will give WFI qual ... more

  •  Company: S.K.INDUSTRIES Viewed : 883 times
  • Purified Water System

    Salient Features - Quality of Purified Water in conformance with USP / IP.  - Ultrapure Water production via Two Pass RO or RO+UF. - Hot Water Sanitizable Membranes. - Highly effective backw ... more

  •  Company: S.K.INDUSTRIES Viewed : 820 times
  • Steam Sterilizer

    Salient Features - For Sterilization of glass wares containers, vessels, linen, rubber articles culture media etc  - Sterilization upto Temperature of 130C.  - Single / double Hinged d ... more

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  • Heat Sterilizer

    Salient Features - For Sterilization of glass containers like ampoules, vials Metallic containers  - Complete one piece seamless construction - Detachable motor with dynamically balanced imp ... more

  •  Company: S.K.INDUSTRIES Viewed : 834 times

    Salient Features - The cleaning can be carried out with automated or manual systems and is a reliable and repeatable process that meets the stringent hygiene regulations  demanded by th ... more

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  • Multi Mill

    Salient Features - Ball Mill consists of S.S. cylindrical shell rotating on a horizontal axis mounted on a sturdy Mild Steel Frame. - Ball and Pebble Mills may be lined with rubber, ceramic and w ... more

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  • WFI Storage

    Salient Features - Built to the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry and cGMP requirements. - Tanks are Jacketed or an External Heat Exchanger is provided for elevating the Temperatu ... more

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